About MyMonit

Monit was created in 2002 by a tradesman panel beater who took a completely fresh look at the way businesses were conducting their Workplace Health & Safety obligations.

Tired of the red tape and mystique surrounding Workplace Health & Safety requirements he set out to prove that with a different approach a better result could be achieved for a small to medium size enterprise with a minimum of disruption to the business.

So creative was his idea that Monit went on to receive Australia’s only Innovation Patent for a Workplace Health & Safety process.

But does it work well enough to eliminate or keep incidences down?
Lloyds of London think so. In fact a business using Monit can access an insurance policy which covers the legal entity, all directors, board members and even sub-contractors against Workplace Health & Safety legal fees and yes, even fines*.

Although Monit has achieved a decade of unparalleled success, we are always updating our systems and processes. This is because the Workplace Health & Safety obligations for business owners are forever changing, and also because we listen to the many great ideas or requirements our customers have. 


*Further details of the Monit insurance policy can be obtained by contacting Monit direct on 1300 65 1177.